The event is planned with different theme based technological challenges to facilitate participation from different categories of talent. The theme based Exposition is aimed to harness the potential ideas/concepts/technologies in any form (nascent, under development or developed) available nationwide with students. The proposed themes are as below:

Each theme is expected to have different strength of participations. The details of the themes are given as a reference to the participants as an aid to their imagination. The ‘targeted technology’ mentioned in the last of each theme description is given as an additional support to form the base of proposal. The ‘technology targeted’ can be all or part inclusive in the proposed solution.

1. Mountain Climbing Robot

Soldiers are deployed on mountains and high altitude areas along the borders. The soldiers are required to be provided with logistic support periodically. An unmanned platform capable of negotiating through rocky/snow covered mountainous terrain is to be conceptualized to transport logistics (weighing approx. 50kg). Walking tracks may not be existing along the path to be traversed.

Technology targeted: Mobility in mountainous area, platform stability

2. Mobility in Snow Bound Area

An avalanche has struck. A group of soldiers are stranded and radio contact has been lost. The area is extremely unstable preventing access to the rescue team. An unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) is to be sent to reach designated location. The UGV should be capable to traverse through loose snow due to avalanche and deliver medical aid and food (approx. 20 kg) to soldiers.

Technology targeted: Mobility on loose snow, self-extraction in snow

3. Soldier Assistance Vehicle

A group of soldiers are sent on a route march carrying stores and ammunition for three days (payload weight approx. 200kg). An unmanned vehicle is to be conceptualised which shall be capable to follow the group and carry their stores. The UV shall be autonomously following the group like a buddy. The platform may be remotely piloted when required. The UV shall have the feature for autonomous return to base.

Technology targeted: Limited cross country mobility, Autonomous following techniques, localisation, perception, path planning

4. Casualty Evacuation

A soldier has been injured in a battle field and needs to be evacuated from site urgently. The medical team is unable to reach the soldier due to heavy cross fire. An unmanned vehicle capable traversing in cross country terrain, lift an injured soldier (unconscious) and carry back to base is to be conceptualized.

Technology targeted: Cross country mobility, Handling and lifting (safe and sensitive), Soldier Protection

5. Exoskeleton

A soldier is stranded alone in a mission critical operation where he is required to get back an important package (weight approx. 40 kg) on his own to base. A wearable exoskeleton solution is to be conceived to aid the soldier and enhance his capability in this scenario.

Technology targeted: Exoskeleton design, Close loop controls, Sensors & Safety, Parallel manipulation

6. Surveillance of a ship

A ship is located at a distance from the coast (approximately 2 km). Intelligence information is received of certain suspected activity on the deck of the ship. An unmanned underwater vehicle(s) is to be sent avoiding detection to approach the vessel firstly. The UV should have the capability to reach the deck which would be approximately 20m high from the water surface. The UV is thereafter to record and relay live video of the site.

Technology targeted: Underwater/surface mobility, stealth capability, target detection, multi-robot collaboration

7. Self-Concealing UGV

A group of small UGVs are to be sent on a mission in sandy terrain. Since the UGV is negotiating through in enemy territory or hostile environment, it needs to conceal itself by suitably digging/camouflaging techniques. The UGV entity for this mission is to be conceptualised.

Technology targeted: Mobility in sand, camouflage techniques, concealing (digging) /extraction in soil

8. Mobility of UGV over land, air and water

A group of elite commandoes are to land on a beach to enter a fortress. The area is highly guarded and very difficult to approach. A compact unmanned vehicle is to be sent which can negotiate through water, land and air silently and stealthily for surveillance.

Technology targeted: Mobility on air, water, land simultaneously. Silent and stealthy platform

9. Underwater Survey System

An unmanned vehicle is to be conceptualised to reach the underwater bed (depth of 6m) , crawl, negotiate underwater obstacles and measure various terrain parameters at various points across its width (100m) and generate the bed profile.

Technology targeted: Under water mobility, soil bearing capacity measurement, current negotiation, self-extraction, under water imaging

10. Surveillance in Multi-storey building

A group of terrorists are holed up inside a multi-storey building with some hostages. The surrounding area of the building is clear causing difficulty for the soldiers to approach. A solution is to be provided to approach the building, traverse through different floors to locate the enemy. While negotiating through the building, the building plan is to be auto generated on real time by transmitting the necessary information to an operator located outside the building at a safe distance.

Technology targeted: Mobility, Map generation, Collision avoidance, Real time Image processing and transmission

11. Battlefield debris clearance

There is lot of debris left behind after a war on a battlefield such as broken down machines, systems, equipment, damaged equipment, shelters, left over parts/components by the soldiers, unexploded bombs, bomb and bullets shells, debris of crashed or shot down aircraft including trenches etc. A solution is to be provided for a quick robotics and unmanned system for clearing the debris from the battlefield so as to make it same as it was before the war. The solution should be fast, unmanned and should be able to move in a battlefield zone.

Technology targeted: Cross-country mobility, large and heavy load lifting capability, real time image processing and transmission

12. Mine detection and clearance

During security threats or wars, soldiers lay a lot of anti-personal mines to stop or delay the enemy advance. But the same mines become a danger for own troops during peace time. As of now there are manual methods of demining with lot of danger exposed to human being. A solution is to be proposed for a robotic and unmanned system, which can move into the mine field autonomously, detect the mines and remove or disable them. The vehicle should be able to move over the mines without detonating them.

Technology targeted: Mine detection, design for moving over ground with low ground pressure to avoid mine detonation

13. Robotic Assistive Device for divyang persons

Due to unfortunate events/accidents or by birth certain person become divyang. A solution is to be proposed for development of a robotics assistive device which will complement the function not available to a divyang person. The solution may be proposed for but to limited to normal gait, vision or speech etc. The solution should be economically affordable, light and user friendly.

14. Any other defence application for Robotics and Unmanned Systems not covered above

Any idea or solution which have a high potential for a defence application can be mentioned under this category, if they are not relevant to any of the above applications mentioned at 1 to 13.

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